The Chilean Mine Rescue ~ August 5, 2010 - October 13, 2010 ~  Site Under Construction

This site is dedicated to the amazing rescue operation
that freed 33 miners from a world record stay 2300 feet under
the Chilean desert.

Miles to Go

I've miles to go through steady gait
A journey rife with fear
Though travelled in another's wake
I feel no one is near

In time and space where torment lay
I must agree to all
Lest I take my brothers place
I cannot hear his call

A screaming freefall blinds my speak
No parachute is found
Fleeting bastard afterthoughts
Just seconds from the ground

My final space is measured out
Solitude in tow
I reach a tear filled finish line
But still have miles to go...

Chi,Chi,Chi! Le,Le,Le! Si Se Puede! Chile!


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